Friday, September 19, 2008

It began with five simple words..."So, your coffee is free". Those sweet words coming out of the mouth of the sweet Indian woman who works at my local Dunkin' Donuts and my perspective for the day is changed. I turn left instead of a right out of the parking lot. I head to the park instead of home (I've got the dog with so why not?). It was just an hour of my day. One hour. One simple unplanned hour of my day and all of the stress from the past few days is gone.
Without going into too much detail (you would be bored to tears) I had a tiny bit of trouble at my new job, nothing devastating, tiny really...but it had to do with my I guess HUGE in a way. There was a slight possibility that I would not be getting one. Well, at least not as soon as I had planned. Do you know how disappointing...not to mention completely stressful that is!?! Anyhoo...disaster averted, I will be getting paid but that stress can hang onto you like the gummy stuff on picture frames.
So the Tooter and I head to the park. My (free) coffee is in my cup holder, my eggwhite flatbread sandwich on the car seat next to me... and yes, they are awesome.
My window is down because it is one of those fantastic days where you think fall might be right around the corner... or to quote the Genius that is the Indigo Girls...."When summer's beginning to give up her fight".
I feel a bit of a chill cause frankly I was not prepared to go to the park and am in a simple jersey dress, but I still love it. I get onto Forest Drive and head up towards Hillsmere. The new (well not "new" but new to the radio) Jason Mraz song comes on. Now I own the cd but I just love to catch the songs I adore on the radio so I turn it up and there I go, driving along, mouth full of breakfast sandwich, singing along and bopping my head with Tooter hanging hers out the back window.
I could've easily driven for another hour.
But frankly that coffee would've eventually kicked in and that would not have been a pretty picture at all.

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Heather said...

I'm catching up on your blog. Finally. Good gravy, I miss having you around. Let's figure out a visit, dammit.