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Tick, tock

A couple of things happened in the last twenty four hours that somehow make me think that I might actually turn out to be a pretty good mom someday.

Yesterday a girlfriend called for a play date for our dogs. We let the two of them roll in the grass together and eventually decided to head to an outdoor cafe for brunch.

We sat at the table, sipping bloody marys and minding our doggies when I realized mine must be a little thirsty. I grabbed a plastic cup from the table, filled it with ice water and set it down for her to drink. I have tried this once before without success so when she daintily started lapping up the h2o not spilling a drop, well I'll tell you, I got a little weepy and promptly told my dog how proud I was of her.....yes, people stared.

A little later, after dropping off the pups, we resumed our day at Target. I'll assume that most of you have been to Target so when I tell you that I went in planning on spending $30 tops, and walked out with $100 worth of stuff, I'm sure you'll understand.

First a stop at the dollar section of the store to see if there was any sort of toys for the arrival of my boyfriend's nephew this weekend. Eureka! A dinosaur match puzzle. He loves dinosaurs! Done.

Next a trip down the dog food aisle to replenish and there I see I am not kidding...a doggie umbrella. It's an umbrella, attached to a leash from below and above is one of those stiff, fold out sticks as to hold the umbrella taut as you walk your dog. I immediately put it in my cart. Not because it was so silly and I couldn't wait to see what Tootsie would look like with this contraption on, but because my dog actually hates the rain so much that it's almost impossible to get her to go out in it. And I can't tell you how frustrating it is at 11 o'clock at night trying to get your dog to take a dump, and she won't budge from the doorway. We finish checking off our lists and head for the check out. I get down to my last two items when I realize how much money I have spent. Something has got to go. It comes down to a $10 bright pink Go-Go's t shirt for me....or the doggie umbrella. Without even hesitating I put the doggie umbrella on the belt and part ways with my fabulous vintage style this point my girlfriend, who has known me for almost a decade gets weepy and promptly tells me how proud she is of me...the check out lady stared a little.

Last, but not least, our grocery store trip today. Ty and I never have food in the house. Never. Which requires us to go to the store at least a couple times a week....which is not a problem for me. Some women are obsessed with shoe shopping, for me it's the grocery store. I run in to grab 3 things. Garbage bags, lettuce, and something for my dinner. I've grabbed the lettuce and I'm rounding the corner to get the garbage bags and there is a stack of juice boxes on sale. Now, the nephew is only going to be here for about 3 days but I still couldn't resist. We don't have sippy cups in our apartment so what better for little Ben. This is a visit we've been looking forward to for a long time, and dammit, I will look like a prepared auntie! I placed the juice boxes in my basket and promptly told myself how proud of me I, nobody stared. I wasn't talking out loud, I'm not that much of a freak!

So there you have it folks, the clock certainly ticks every once and a while I will admit, but I'm not ready for a kid. Traveling, going out to local bars til all hours, and just generally trying to figure out my life (see "first ever blog") are the immediate priorities. But it's nice to have a little faith in myself that I can be a bit unselfish and think of the kiddies (and puppies) sometimes.

P.S. the whole time I've been typing this, there has been one of those "finish the task, get a free ringtone" advertisements atop the screen. The task in this one?....catch the kid.

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