Sunday, September 14, 2008

Archive 2-1-2008

The day’s not over yet.

SO! I got this bulletin today from my lovely cousin, Tracy. It was one of those chain letter-like forwards. Ya know...."make a wish, send this to a gazillion people (or in this case 'repost'), and your wish will come true and you will have an amazing day....THIS friday!"

Well, it being Friday and I certainly have some wishes that I would like to see come true...not to mention I have the day off and the time...I went for it.

I scrolled, I wished, I held my breathe and clicked send.

And here's my Friday. Not only did my wish NOT come true but I found out at the doctor that I have high cholesterol AND I'm anemic. What does this mean, you may ask. It means, I have to take Iron pills every day....AND....keep some metamucil on hand in case I get all stopped up (sorry for the TMI). I also should apparently change my diet and keep up on my exercise....what am I? 55 years old!?

So much for my amazing Friday....course the night is still young, we'll see what happens....

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