Sunday, September 14, 2008

Archive 10-10-2006

And ...they're off!!!

If you haven't already heard...(what rock are you under?)...I am moving. Maryland here I come.

When I was in high school our schools were broken up around the town, North and South campuses..two years in each. Then I went to St. Cloud state...two years. Onto Mankato state...made it three years, whoo! But I always kinda had this thing..two years and then I'm off to try something else.

So the fact that I stayed in Chicago for five is pretty cool. But alas no more..gotta move on and try something else.

Ya see, three years ago I met this boy and fell in love. We moved in together, got a dog, and have been happy as two farts under a blanket ever since.

But lately we've both been getting this itch. Not doing much here, stuck in a rut with jobs we don't like a whole lot, ready to start an adult type life. So Ty went and applied for a provisional teaching position for a class of five autistic children and that principal saw what I've always seen in him and offered him the job......and you guessed it. It's in Maryland.

I've always felt this urge to go east...not to New York, but to some city by the sea, where I can sit on a dock with my dog and a cup o' tea. So...without a job, farther from my own family, and not a whole lot of cash(come on Vegas, be good to mama!) I am off to be with my man and start a new exciting adventure...with him....with myself.

..............And I can't wait to see what happens!

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