Sunday, September 14, 2008

Archive 11-1-2006

Current mood: anxious
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

So here I sit...
Last night I finished mopping, dusting and primping my old apartment for re-rental, and locked the door for what I hope is the last time. Of course, I know it won't be.
We all know that moving sucks. The dust bunnies that come hopping out when you finally take apart the bed you haven't moved in almost 3 years, the moment you realize that your bathtub was in fact meant to be a nice, bright white, and those oh so wonderful hours you spend washing, folding and packing the clothes you've not worn in years because frankly, you forgot they were there.
It's overwhelming to say the least. Especially when coupled by the fact that this all happened so quickly that you are forced to find the ever elusive "subletter".
Moving sucks....trying to sublet your apartment is worse.
So here I sit....
Gracefully squatting on my dear friends' couch while my boyfriend and my dog are in the beginning stages of our new life in Maryland.
Why, Sara? Why are you here, by yourself, on a couch(a very comfy loving couch), without your doggie who you love and miss so? Why aren't you in Maryland, job-hunting, apartment-hunting, squatting on your boyfriend's family's couch instead?
I'll tell ya why folks....subleasing!
You post on craigslist, the reader, signs around the neighborhood. You show it to people, sometimes they come back to see it again. But to no avail. "Sorry, more than I wanted to spend", " I was really looking for a two bedroom", "Is that really the size of the toilet?"!
So here I sit...
Missing my boy and my dog....

I'll get there soon.
I hope.

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