Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Those darn kids with their darn loud music!

Okay, so normally when I blog I try to write something witty, relevent, and fun. But today I just have to complain a little....about the MTV Video Music Awards (or the "VMA's").
Now it has been a loooong time since I've actually wached MTV mostly due to the fact that it has been a looooong time since MTV has actually shown any videos. I'm surprised anybody can vote on these "videos" considering they only come on in the wee small hours of morning smashed between episodes of The Hills and Sweet Sixteen, and yes, I realize that MTV shows reruns of America's Next Top Model.....Why? I mean, I watch it but what does a bunch of skinny, vapid, fabulously photographable bitches have to do with "music television"?
Anyhoo. I was intrigued by the return of Britney and then I heard my girl Christina was performing, and damn it all if I wasn't sucked right in.
Now I will preface with the fact that I did not watch the entire thing. We were flipping back and forth between football and frankly at 10:30, Sunset Tan came on and you know (!) I'm not missing the Keely/Nick throwdown (don't judge).
So here are a few of my personal highlights from the VMA's that I really didn't watch a whole lot of because they are really dumb.
Let's start at the very beginning.
-One year ago I MISSED the Britney performance. The fabulous, train wreck that is Brit. So you know I was NOT missing this year....and thank god the Chicago game had a commercial cause I would've missed it! Damn! Dad has got her on a sort leash these days....but she looks amazing. Good job Brit, for keeping it short and to the point. And thank you for wearing that hot silver number reminiscent of the early Brit days.
-Who is the stupid british dude? He sucks! Yes, we all want the Bush's out of the White House but let it go, brother. (Now see, this is where Brit needed to interrupt the show with some hot new performance).
-Can somebody PLEASE get Demi a microphone?
-Who is Lil' Wayne and why do I care about his underwear? Really does noone understand that this was NEVER hot, NEVER.
-PINK! Oh my saving grace. Thank you for all of your no nonsense, smartass, fantastic-ness!!! She rocked the house....and blew up a couple too. Thank you for giving us your heartache in an amazingly badass song, I adore it.
-Christina, my girl! I know you were lipsynching, we all know, but your just so good at it and you look fierce!
One last thing and I promise I'm done. I didn't stay til the end...I don't know if it got better...but come on MTV. 25 years and you still can't get good stage managers? Give me a call I can give you some names. From what I saw that was the worst put together awards show EVER.....EVER. But Britney won, the british dude said like one funny thing and I got to see what all the hype was over these Jonas boys-which is not much.
Damn I'm old.

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Hollie said...

You are so funny and clever. That Carrie Bradshaw has nothin' on you. I absolutely loathe the underwear as pants and pants as anklets look. I agree, not hot now, never will be, not hot then. Keep em coming girl. You lighten up my afternoon!