Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Happy 4th!

So today is the 4th of July. We celebrate our Independence as a country today (although I thought I saw something on the internet about how the signing of the Declaration was actually on the 2nd).
As a child, we had very big celebrations for the 4th! My Uncle (as well as his twin daughters) were born on the 3rd so we always had a HUGE picnic, talent show and all. Gordy's Picnic! I sang every year.
Well years go by, people move away and Gordy's picnic is no longer. Does that mean my 4th sucks. Hell no! I now get to lay around with my husband (who unfortunately wasn't in my life at the time of "the picnic"), watch movies and terrible countdown shows on E!, and drink my new favorite drink, the "Skinny Girls Magarita". (YES, it is in fact a recipe from the Bravo series "The Real Housewives of New York"), but it rocks. 2oz of good tequila (she prefers Patron silver on the show, I drink me some Cabo Wabo...I love Sammy), splash of triple sec, splash of lime juice. "Skinny" because you don't have all the sour and sugar...badass because really, you're just drinking straight tequila.
So try the new drink recipe, enjoy your independence (and hopefully your day off) and here's to good times...cause we all need 'em!

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