Monday, February 23, 2009

Where have I been?

Good god it's been forever. I'm so sorry (like any of you actually give a shit).
Alrighty it has been a crazy week. Did dinner with the inlaws for the bday, worked my ass off, dinner and drinks with friends (awesome!), worked a lot, oh and had an audition and callback for one of my favorite shows (no word yet, I'll get back to you on that one).
But what I am really here to talk to you about is... I am sure you can of my favorite nights of the year....Oscar Night!
It's silly, extravagant and unnecessary but I love it. I could care less about what people wear or who they are with, yes, I actually care about the awards. I have this whole set up on how I vote and God help you if you ever watch them with me.
This year's host was Hugh Jackman, yes folks, Wolverine and he did not disappoint. If you are not a complete comic book geek who only loves him for his X-Men affiliation you might also be aware that Hugh did a couple of stints on Broadway and, in fact, won a Tony Award in 2004 for Best Actor in a Musical for The Boy From Oz (which he was great in). I was pumped.
The opening number again, did not disappoint. It was funny, witty, and good for Anne Hathaway. Overall I was very pleased with him as a host. He was funny without being a dick, he was charming, and he was not afraid to laugh at himself.
Now let's chat about their decision on how to hand out the acting awards. Hmmm, this is a tough one. On one hand I found it very flattering and maybe even a little bit humbling to have the actors fawned over by past winners. I mean really, how fucking cool would it be to have Shirley Maclaine tell you how good you are? On the other hand it was narcissistic, time consuming and god forbid the actor/actress that was "congratulating" you not give a shit and simply read from the teleprompter without care or emotion. So I was torn.
And.... the middle of the evening, obligatory, gotta get our 4 hours in for our sponsor Coke, waste more time musical number. I actually kind of dug it....kind of.
I mean really...Zac "greasy hair" Efron and Vanessa "nope, still not old enough to be sexy" Hudgens?....Really?
And Beyonce......oh Beyonce. You wooed us all with your heartfelt performance at the Inaugural Ball....and then just cause you gotta walk down a few stairs you phone it in and pretty much lipsync your entire performance at the Oscars? Come on!
But Hugh was great, Beyonce shook her ass like nobody's business and you know I gotta love a song that's all about bringing the musical back!
For the most part I agree with the awards although part of me really wanted to see Mickey Rourke win. I also thought that the Original Song performances were fine...but really was there a reason we couldn't see each one individually? It's not like we needed to hear Sarah Jessica yap away for like 6 awards...
So we watched the show, drank champagne and ate too many tacos (cause that's how i roll on Oscar night) and stayed up way too late. And my friend Emily was birthday and the Oscars in the same weekend!!! My head almost exploded...good times.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture this: You're late for work. Not really late but just late enough where you know you're gonna get behind the school bus at the end of the block and hit every red light on your way...that kind of late. Oh, and, you're just not moving as fast as usual cause your brilliant ass attempted two 45-minute classes at the gym yesterday.
Anyways, so there you stand, furiously making half a PB&J sandwich for breakfast, when you hear it. The ringtone. Not a, that one ringtone that you have reserved for that oh so special person in your life.
My husband's ringtone in my phone is "Good Old Fashioned Loverboy" by Queen.....which is kind of annoying at 7:15 in the morning when I'm running late, sore and haven't had nearly enough caffeine to function. But I gotta pick it up god forbid it's something remotely important. I run into the bedroom (ouch my knee), leap across the bed (ooohh my back) and grab the phone...."Yeah?" I say more than a little irritated...
"Oooh oo oo oooh oo oo I Wanna Sex You Up"
Now I will fully admit that at times I have incredibly bad taste in music (see post below). And I'm not gonna lie, I know more than one song by Color Me Badd but what made me smile on this Friday morning, day before Valentine's Day, while running late and irritable was that my husband, the man I have chosen to spend a really frickin' long time with (ya know, the rest of my life) thought of me when this piece of crap, buried in the 90's song came on the radio. That he sat there in traffic, did not turn the station but in fact, reached deep into that crazy photographic memory that he has and called his wife and sang every word of one of the worst, completely unsexy songs of our generation.
If I haven't said it enough before I will say it again....god I love him!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Judge me all you want...

...but Jesse McCartney is hot*

*of course he's not nearly as hot as my husband!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I was gonna write a blog about how I prefer to workout to showtunes as opposed to heart thumping, bass filled, remixed pop music ( I find it to be more intense and the stakes higher so I push myself further)...but no. I cannot ignore what is happening in the world today. The babies dear god, the babies.
So the whole world is pissed off at Nadya Suleman, again, if you are under a rock this woman had 6 kids, no job, receiving disability payments and decided it was a good idea to have she claims...but what actually happened is that she had 8....8! EIGHT more. Now I was a theatre major but even I can do that math. That's 14 fucking kids people.
Irresponsible? Yep
Selfish? Oh hells yeah
A new development in this world and therefore she should be subjected to a verbal lashing from judgemental jerks all over who think they know better?????
I don't agree with her choices. She makes me happy that I have waited to have kids. She pisses me off as a taxpayer.
But here is my question.
How is she different from Kate Gosselin or Michele Duggar?
What do you mean Sara? Who are these folks that you chat about?
Well Kate is the "Kate" in John and Kate plus 8, and Michele is the mother figure in "17 Kids and Counting"...both reality shows that follow the laughter, tears and hi-jinx's of having multiple children.
John and Kate had a perfectly healthy set of twins...but wanted more. So they tried for ONE more...and got 6. Ooops. So what did they do? They parlayed their "oops" into reality gold and can now pay for the home that houses the 8 people they have brought into this already overpopulated world...all while keeping the rest of us glued to our tv's.
And don't even get me started on this Duggar woman. 18 kids? Really? No oops here folks...they just decided to let God determine how many kids they would have. Yeeeeahhhhh....uuummmm...ok.
So why is it ok for them but this Suleman lady gets all of us riled up? Is it because these other women are married? Is it because they have built in babysitters and surrogate parents in their other children? Is it because they have a shitload of money from exploiting their exploding uterus'?
I don't think there is much of a difference here folks. They're still being irresponsible, they're still being selfish.
Kate and Michelle just happened to know somebody in show business.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well, since everyone else is talking about it.

Keeping with my entertainment theme as of late, I thought I would give you all (what is there now?...3, 4 of you?) my two cents on the rash of celebrity outbursts lately.
First of all, I disagree with my husband on this one. ( you can see his thoughts at
Second, I was an actor. At one point I was even a professional actor, so my opinion may be a bit biased.
And's almost 5 o' I'm gonna have a glass of wine with this one.
Let's begin with my girl Patti Lupone...who, in my household we affectionately refer to as, Corky's mom.
So apparently she was in the middle of a performance of Gypsy and there was some random person in the audience taking photographs. Well, if you have ever been to live theatre you know damn well that they frown on this particular behavior. Not only is it distracting to the performers but hey, it's illegal...that's right, people could actually make money off of the photos and that goes against contracts, blah, blah, blah.
Back to Corky's mom. Well she stops the show. Stops the singing, stops the orchestra, full on stops the show! And girrrrrrrllllllll, she let this person have it! "Stop taking pictures! Who do you think you are?" (Go to youtube, hear it for yourself) And while the yelling and the stopping the show and the kicking out the photographer might have been a little excessive...I do have to agree with her. If only for the sake of the rule itself being broken, I mean for god's sake, they say it like twenty times! And like Corky's mom said when she thanked the rest of the's a matter of respect. Respect for the actor's, respect for the theatre and respect for rules in general (I'll let you judge the irony of the fact that the only reason we are able to hear the rant is because somebody else was illegally recording the performance). Yes, she sounded a bit "diva" ish in the rant but hey she is Patti "Corky's mom" Lupone.
And now for my boy Christian Bale. Oh Christian, why do you make us, with no pun intended, constantly bail you out? You are so cute, such a good actor and finally getting the big bucks. SO why do you need to be such a dick?
Now, frankly, I don't think his most recent rant was that bad. Yeah, he dropped like 187 f-bombs but come on, that director of photography should have known better (for those of you under a rock, while filming Terminator:Salvation in July last year, apparently the director of photography kept walking through Bale's line of focus...which in itself is a dick move...and the audio tapes of that rant have just been released). What bugs me is that Christian keeps getting caught up in these kinds of situations. In reality though when an actor is in the middle of filming/performing that last thing you should do is step in front of that focus (figuratively and literally)...repeatedly. If I were him I may have wanted that guy off the set too
So were theses rants justified? A little bit, yep.
Were they excessive? Maybe so
And who's the biggest loser, the people who spent their time making sure that others heard these rants, or me, for spending so much of my time writing about them?
(Please don't answer that)