Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Ice, Ice, Baby!

We got our first ice storm!

Now this is a very cold winter in Maryland...apparently. I guess last year it snowed once. This year, my fiance, who's a teacher, has had like, 3 snow days! Now I grew up in Minnesota and there could be 12 feet of snow (sorry upstate NY) and the t.v. news people laughed at us for even turning on our televisions to check to see if maybe....just maybe....

Yesterday the storm started. The t.v. and radio warned of imminent weather...the salt trucks prepared and the schools closed early. I, of course, was at work, rolling my eyes when...what's that I hear? it?....really?....."Attention staff, we will be closing at 2 pm today." Uh uh.......uh huh! One of us swept, the other mopped and the boss even chipped in and counted the money so we could get outta there. I cuddled in with my valentine, a fire and homemade chili.

This morning, Ty's alarm went off too early. He wouldn't have school but he had to at least wake up and check......I would have to leave in a couple of hours for work....when I asked the boss, "Should I call or anything tomorrow?" she just shook her head and said "Come in"....damn. All of a sudden I get a text's 5am, is Ty really texting me from the other room to gloat about getting yet another day off! I open my phone...almost too groggy to even see the words...but I do. "We're closed today, stay home."

So here I sit. Our place surrounded by ice (really it is, I took pictures) wondering what I will do with my self today.

Laundry? Finally clean out the closet? Get back into my book?

I'm guessing I'll snuggle with my valentine, light a fire, and have some leftover chili.

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