Friday, December 23, 2011

There's an opening in the C-section.

*Disclaimer: If you are one of my friends who is about to have a baby, stop reading. While I am not about to tell a "horror" story necessarily, I know that I did not want to hear labor room tales before I went in.
So...I had a baby. She's incredible. She has my nose. She did not come into this world exactly as I had planned...hehehe welcome to a world with kids, right?
My due date was December 10th which came and went a little too quickly. We spent the day doing brunch, watching a soccer game and generally trying to keep our minds off the fact that the little one had not yet arrived.
My mother arrived on the 11th and on the 12th the docs scheduled my induction for the 16th.
Mom and I and spent the week finishing the nursery and spending quality time anxiously waiting.
Fast forward to around 8 pm on the 15th of December. Let me just say this. Yes, you know when those little aches and pains turn into actual, for real labor contractions. And yes, they suck, they really, really suck. Apparently my baby just needed to mess with us until the last second and then make her way here on her terms.
We finally made our way to the hospital around 4 am. Thankfully I was dilated enough to be admitted and the blissful, epidural filled waiting began.
Hours passed and still no baby. I guess she had a little stage fright. They decided to "induce". They laid me on my side and started adding small doses of pitocin to help speed things along. Unfortunately the only thing that happened was my baby's heart rate kept dropping. Finally my doctor, we'll call him Mr. Personality (he did fine but his bedside manner sucked!) came in and decided, along with my amazing nurses, that we should move ahead with a c-section.
Now I never knew what the big deal with c-sections was and why people tried so hard to avoid them. Finally someone said to me "It's major surgery, Sara!" have we met? I've had at least 10 major surgeries in my life, all under general anesthesia.
This did not matter so much once they started getting me ready. It was such a speedy process that you would think I wouldn't have had time to be absolutely terrified. You'd be wrong. My whole body started shaking, I was crying, in general I was a mess.
No matter, we moved forward into the operating room and after what seemed like only a few moments of pushing, pulling and tugging, my little girl came wailing into the world.
Where was my husband through all of this? Holding my shaking hands, petting my head, coaching me through the whole thing.
They checked her out (9.9 on the Apgar!), Ty got to cut the remainder of the cord and my little girl was placed in my arms.
All in all the hospital stay was short and uneventful (except of course that whole giving birth thing). We got home on Monday night and the real fun began.
This first week at home has been a challenge to say the least with the lack of sleep and breastfeeding alone. Not to mention the recovery. My body is exhausted and I have to constantly remind myself to take it easy. My mom was here for the first 10 days of Evie Sue's life and I couldn't be more grateful. We took her to the airport tonight and I am a little devastated.
But I have an amazing partner by my side who is currently burping our little Button while I eat a slice of pizza and have my one glass of red. Evie Sue is gorgeous and lovely and amazing and I can't believe I helped make her...much less get to hang out with her.
Christmas is always special but this year it's obvious why it will be in our top Christmas' ever. Frankly, it wasn't terribly present filled and we didn't do anything outlandish.
But my husband and I made a tiny little present that came just in time for the holiday and we will celebrate her for the rest of our lives.
I know there will be even harder challenges that we will face but I know we can do it. We have amazing friends and family and each other.