Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Life is funny that way, ain’t it?

There are many a reason for me to be crabby these days. I am unhappy with my womanly (i.e. "chubby, out of shape") figure, I get angry, frustrating phone calls at work that sometimes I can't do anything about, and the landlords are back in town (don't get me wrong, the landlords are fine, but they live right below us, and are retired-so when they go out of town we get this little jolt of "when the cats are away the mice will play". We're a little louder, a little free-er.....anyway). So when this weekend rolled around I was sort of ambivilant about it. Sometimes happiness sneaks up on you.
If you have read this blog before, you will know that it is the little things that really get a good way. In that sense, this weekend rocked.
Thursday (which is my Friday) I went to preview night of my husband's show, Hauptmann. He was great. No really, I know that I should say that no matter what, but he was. He took this role (he played numerous, but his highlighted role was the prosecuting attorney in the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case) and he made it so layered and interesting. I was a glowing wife.
But before the show we stopped by an Irish restaurant for a drink and an appetizer. Food was good, drinks were better (lord almighty I talk about drinking a lot don't I?) and Ty left early to get to his call. I stayed and on a whim ordered a Cosmopolitan. So there I sat, book in hand, martini in the other. As any other woman may know, it doesn't get any better than sitting in a bar, by yourself, not being bothered, drinking a martini(or whatever you drink).
The following night I stocked up and had a couple of close friends over. Good friends, good conversation...but the highlight? Watching a sweet unassuming chihuahua get the crap humped out of him by my dominant terrier mutt...she truly is her mother's girl.
But today took the cake. We had cleaned for my aforementioned guests so we awoke to a clean house. I ran to the store for breakfast fixin's while my beloved made coffee, and we a clean apartment...with our coffee...and our books. And we just were. And tonight I sit while Ty does his show...and I just am.
It took me years to realize this and sometimes I still forget...sometimes we all forget.
Sometimes it feels unbelievable to just be.

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