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Judgey Wudgey was in fact a Judge!

Sometimes I wish I had a lot of money. Not for the obvious reasons like, security, a nice house, a lifetime subscription to every celebrity gossip magazine ever made!

No, not the little luxuries....I wish I had money so that I could treat people like shit. Ya ever notice that? People with money think that they have a right to treat
others in this world so badly that it can ruin your day, week...make you want to walk out of your job right then and there.

I am about to write some things that may sound to some as a bit pretentious...too bad. When I lived in Chicago I worked for a while on Michigan Ave., one of the largest shopping districts in the country.

We catered to people of all walks of life. Paris Hilton (seriously, her mom called me once) to your everyday, average, smelling like piss homeless guy (that guy
is nicer than Paris' mom). Now I had my fair share of bitchy, knocking on death's door, aging divas who still believe in Marshall Fields' dated saying..."Give the lady what she wants",and believe you me...the customer is in fact, NOT always right, but for the most part people were really chill. (I of course am not counting the Christmas season).

You see, in retail, you learn to let things roll off your's just lipgloss for god's sake! Plus people in a big city, with lots and lots of money, don't care
what YOU can't do for them...because if you can't, you bet your ass they will find someone else who can (see? pretentious). And they're not that rude about it frankly. I've found that people who know that no matter what they will get it done...don't stress over the little people like me who have no authority to make sure that Marshall Field's(now Macy's but nevertheless a high end department store) is stocked with loreal hair products (sorry Ms. Hilton)...they'll get one of their minions to run to Walgreens and be done with it.

NOW. I currently work for a non profit company....non profit...we got no dough folks. We are run on donations and grants. Donation: listed in the Webster dictionary as

1:The act of giving to a cause or fund., 2:A gift or grant.

Now I don't know about you but when i give a gift to someone I try not to use it against them for years to come or expect anything back. When I give a donation to something i believe in I do not expect that company to treat me any different than anyone else or frankly give a shit who I am. People don't give donations for recognition, they give because they can, because they're nice, because they want to feel a little bit better about the world around them and that maybe, they contributed to that.

Not the case for a lot of people here in my adopted hometown (yeah...a little pretentious). I can't tell you the number of times that I am put in the unfortunate position of telling someone "NO" either due to our policies or whatnot and their response to me is, "I give so much money to you people"....that still doesn't mean that I'm going to break the rules for you, jackass!

Case in point. A gentleman (and that's stretching it), a judge in fact, stepped into my office yesterday with a question. Now, I couldn't understand the question because this "judge", let's call him Judge Flatulence, was so heated already (it was 9:15 am) that he couldn't get his point across to me without yelling and talking all over me.

I, as a grown woman who frankly, has had too many people yell at her in the last couple of years, asked Judge Flatulence to calm down so I could answer his question.

Well good ol' Judge Flatulence turned into Judge Dredd! This man of our judicial system told me that he would love to get me into his court so he could "teach me a lesson" and that I couldn't do anything to him because I was just a "volunteer". Now, I'm not one to get all caught up in labels, I LOVE our volunteers, but I am the Office Manager, and in this day and age, with the internet, letters to the editor, Law and Order and even my lowly blog, I think I could do a lot more to him than he realizes.

I started to write out the phone number that he needed and said that I was sorry, but I was only trying to answer his questions....his comeback? "No you weren't, you were just trying to act like a bitch!" I then calmly asked him to leave before I called the police and spent the rest of the day in a funk.

Why in a funk, Sara? You stood up to him and never once called him a name. Why would you let Judge Flatulance ruin your day? You may be asking yourselves these questions and I will give you an answer. Because it's exhausting to get yelled at.

It's upsetting to be long out of my freshman year of high school and have someone still hurt my feelings by calling me a bitch. I realize it's because he is unhappy in his own life and has to make himself feel better by shitting somebody else...I don't want to be shit on! It sucks! It sucks that somebody feels that he has the right to do that to another person.It sucks that somebody feels that he is in a higher position than I, and can abuse that.

And it sucks that one person can make my day suck even more than it already does sometimes. I have probably been called a bitch, uncaring, c*%t more times in the past year than in my whole life. And it's just because I am not able to give everyone exactly what they want. Which is how life goes!

What is the point of this excessively long and rambling blog? I don't know. Getting it off my chest so I don't throw a beer bottle through my sliding glass door, I guess.

Maybe I will just say this. Next time you call a place of business, a place where they will be doing a service for you, and the person who answers isn't exactly chipper or as sweet and nice as you would like them to be, take into account that maybe, just maybe Judge Flatulence just left the building and they might be having a rough day.

Just be nice...and patient..please.

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