Sunday, September 14, 2008

Archive 12-28-2006


So about a hundred and fifty years ago I lived in the city.

The city. Where I could come and go as I please and not worry about the price of gas. Where I had every cuisine you can think of in a matter of blocks. Where I could go out and get hammered and not even think twice about who was sober enough to drive, I was sure that CTA person could handle it.

I biked to work, I walked my dog at night without a flashlight, and I could buy my wine practically anywhere, every day of the week.

Boy how shit has changed!

I drive a VW Golf, my neighborhood is gated and has no streetlights. I know the meaning of the word "traffic", and suddenly I find myself saying "$2.39? Find another station!"

If I wanted 3 buck chuck I would have to smuggle it over the state line. I pay car insurance for god's sake!

And I think I like it. Yes folks, I am domesticated. I call my boy (fiance!) and ask what's for dinner. I come home from work, watch some t.v., and am in bed by 10pm. We have laundry right off the bedroom( I still put it off). This certainly is a far cry from the days of starting the night at 11pm and sleeping til noon.

But we are settling nicely. It is a relatively laid back lifestyle so far because our weeks are mapped out for us. Some might see it as hell, I welcome the change. Change is good. Change makes us better.

I like my job, my apartment rocks and I feel a nice calm right now (despite the fact that I am trying to plan a wedding). I feel good, happy.

I can only hope Tootsie feels the same.

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