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It's the little things

You ever notice that?...of course you do. It's on Hallmark cards, commercials and every fairy tale lesson we know comes down to...the little things.

For some it's a smile from a loved one, others a beautiful nature scene and even others, some plain, old alone time in a bath with a book. Now while I do enjoy those things as well, it's something a bit different for me.

I'm a foodie. I always have been, my parents raised me on fantastic restaurant (and home cooked) food and when I was old enough, wine.

So, to me, there is nothing better than staying at home and cooking a meal together. It's romantic, fun, and let's face it, pretty darn sexy. That being said, it's not necesssarily the meal that gets me. If you've ever spent an evening with your lover, friends or even family at Thanksgiving, you know so much more happens when you are cooking and half the time you're full before you even sit down. That's my favorite, the beforehand.

I'm not gonna kid anyone and pretend that I cook, I don't. I've been lucky enough to have the two men in my life (dad and soon to be husband) actually love to cook. That's fine, I'll let them. Because what I get to do is that "little thing" I keep talking about. I get to make the appetizer. Now, appetizer may be pushing it. What I really mean is that..well....we all get hungry while we are waiting for the actual "meal" so what's better than a great "appetizer"? Whether that be a salad, cheese and crackers, or just a glass of wine and a handful of gourmet nuts(who am I kidding, there's always wine) it just feels kind of sexy to walk around with that glass of wine in hand, almost bumping into each other in the miniscule kitchen, feeding the man I love a little snack while he slaves away at the grill.

So while the world sometimes feels like it's falling apart around us because of stress in our lives or the horrors of the world, that's when we really need to relish the little things. A blossoming flower, puppy kisses, a child's laughter or a walk on a sunny day. I find that peace in being with the one I love, sharing laughs, puppy kisses, and a plate of cheese and crackers....and of course wine.

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