Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Button is 2 months!

My little girl is 2 months! Holy crapoli! It seems like yesterday I was holding her tiny little 2 week old body, stressing about my mom leaving and breastfeeding and sleep!
I still stress a little about sleep but Evie Sue is getting better at staying asleep longer and I am getting used to less sleep in general.
Obviously I also stress about breastfeeding as this is her food source but that is leaps and bounds above where it used to be.
Everyone says how tiny she is but to me she is ginormous compared to the day she was born. She's got full, smiley cheeks and chunka monka thighs.
Speaking of smiles, our little Button fancies herself a little model with this smile of hers. She started out by mimicking her Momma. I would sit in front of her for hours saying "Hi-i" in my sing songy voice with a huge, idiotic open mouth smile and she would smile back here and there. Nowadays all I have to do is make a raspberry noise or tickle her feet and I get the best reward! An Evie Sue smile!
She is just starting to chat a bit, a few nonsensical noises here and there.
Being a "stay at home" mom has been...interesting. I am staying at home because it is what makes sense for us right now. Do not get me wrong, I am thrilled to spend my days with my sweet girl and frankly don't think I could leave her even if I wanted to, but it's not terribly conducive to that whole "paying the bills" thing. It's been hard. I miss my husband who works his ass off for us. I don't know how I will ever be able to show my gratitude for all he has done. Some days the poor guy literally works from 8am to midnight. I know that I am at home doing something equally important but I am so thankful to have him doing what needs to be done for our family.
All in all, it just gets better. Everyday I learn more and more about this tiny person that I helped make.
Some of my favorite things:
Singing her to sleep.
My early morning hours with her.
Watching Daddy make her laugh.
Watching Evie Sue make Daddy laugh
Snuggling with her and Tootsie.
Showing her off.
Teaching her as much as I can.
So I kind of dig being a mom. I can tell it's only going to get harder but it is also going to be a blast!