Sunday, September 14, 2008

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I’m not gonna lie here, folks...

...I'm an incredibly lucky woman. I have a job, a roof over my head, supportive and loving family members, a kick ass dog, not to mention the fact that I am married to one the most considerate men on this planet.

Now I am well aware that "considerate" is a very subjective word and that that is a pretty bold statement I just made about my husband. Does he always put the toilet seat down? Please! He hardly lifts it up. Does he always tell me what I want to hear? It's actually his philosophy never to. Does he constantly tease me about the fact that our dog does not speak english and cannot understand what I'm saying to her even though I love my daily conversations with her?!? Yes indeed he does!

But he holds doors, cooks dinner while I stand idly by, downing the bottle of wine, and let's me watch two nights of "Idol" while I only allow a few minutes of "Friday Night Smackdown".

I was reminded this evening as I took my post workout shower. Now I get that as a married couple that sleeps together, eats together and throws dirty clothes on the laundry room floor together, that we share ALOT of germs. But I still want my own shower poof. You know, the meshy, shower poof that a lot of us use to scrub any and all crevices that need scrubbing in the shower? I NEED my own. It weirds me out to even have mine hanging near someone else's. My husband teases me about this but in general, respects my "rule". Well, my shower poof was looking sad these days. It was stretched to kingdom come and even the little rope you use to hang it with had broken and was hanging by a sad wet knot I made with a head full of shampoo. But I still wouldn't use Ty' sir...nope!

I stepped into the shower this evening, turned around to grab my sad little poofy and what do I see hanging there? A brand spanking new, bright white poof. My man had hung it there just for me. Did I ask for it? Nope. Did my sweetie just "know"? Well, you couldn't miss the floppy purple that had been there before.

And that's just the way he is. Is Valentine's Day huge around our house? Not really because my babe does sweet stuff for me everyday. Whether it's moving my car in the morning so I don't have to get up early or picking up a diet coke for me so I can have it for work the next day.

So the next time you give your man hell because he forgot the 3 month anniversary of the first time you kissed, remember those little things he does for you everyday. Those little things that we miss. Those are the ones that count and really make our hearts smile.

As I stood there in the shower with my brand new heart smiled...cause my man rocks!

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