Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sometimes there is just nothin' like turning off the t.v., heating up some leftovers and having dinner at the table...just me and my love.
(And of course the dog having an aneurysm over turkey gravy at our feet.)

Happy Holidays.

Monday, November 24, 2008

One year about this time in the evening...I was getting married.
We went out Saturday night to celebrate. It was lovely. We got all dressed up, made reservations, had before dinner drinks, got a nice surprise when we walked into the restaurant (my parents had called ahead and put some $ towards a bottle of wine!) and in general had a great night.
The wine was phenomenal, food fantastic and it was truly a romantic evening. And we needed that. Not that we're not a romantic couple but we don't go out like we used to so this was really a nice treat.
One year. One whole year of marriage. I feel like it was yesterday...really. Has it been the easiest year? Nope. Has it been the best year of my life? Now that's unrealistic. But you know what... Through all of the changes, tears, laughter, joys and struggles over the past year I've had a partner. I've had a teammate. I've had the love of my life right by my side to hold my hand, wipe the tears away and point out the silver lining.
And that makes it one awesome year...can't wait to see what the next one brings.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

OKAY! So I had to calm down a little before I could post this. I usually try to keep any and all political/religious opinions and beliefs to myself. It's noone's business what I believe and it shouldn't change my opinion of anyone if I know what they believe it usually makes people uncomfortable and who wants that? But this great day and age of change and the possibility of a new beginning towards actual equality and tolerance (Go Obama!) I could no longer keep it here goes.
Nobody....NOBODY...should have the right to determine whom someone can or cannot love.....DAMMIT! I am appalled and embarrassed for our country in light of what happened in California, Florida and Arkansas recently. This has always been a hot button with me. I don't get it. How does one man loving another affect you? How does one woman choosing to have sex with another woman impair your life at all? And how in the world does someone's choice in a life partner make you think that you have the right to step in and stop them.
"It's disgusting!"...Don't look at it...voyeurs.
"It's wrong!" Say's who?
"God"...let me tell you, if God's biggest problem is who's fucking who than we've got it me folks, God's got bigger worries.
"It mocks the sanctity of marriage" Ohhhhh, you're right. Two people who love each should never get married. I'll tell you what mocks the sanctity of marriage. Pregnant 17 year olds whose parents and forcing them to wed. Husbands who took vows and then beat their wives. And that stupid cable show "Big Fat Redneck Wedding"....THAT mocks marriage.
And Arkansas can suck it! No unmarried couple should be allowed to adopt or foster a homeless child? I guess I could maybe understand it from a legal perspective but when you make it VERY clear that this is about being gay? Bite me. God forbid you put an unwanted child into a loving environment.
It just makes me sad because it truly makes no sense. If you're life is that affected by others than you have some issues you need to deal with, but it is not your right to determine whether or not someone can is not my right either...and it sure as hell is not our government's right.