Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Happiness is a warm gun.

Well I won't go that far....but I will say that happiness is relative.
Are you happy with your job?, not really (all you "f"ers out there that say "Yes, I love my job, it is so satisfying and wonderful"...bite me)
Are you happy with your body? Not so much, no. (Again, suck it if you say yes, this is not about you)
Is your relationship perfect and wonderful, cause you never, ever, ever fight with your spouse? Excuse me for a moment.....(hahahaahhahahhahahahahahahhahaha)
I love my husband.
But we are far from perfect and we fight like nobody's business. I recall looking at couples, friends of mine, that looked so perfect, they "belonged" together, they seemed so happy. And then I would find out that one of them cheated, or they haven't had sex in months.
And that's when I realized that it is all relative to your relationship. Some women can forgive, some can forget.
I, thankfully, have never found myself in one of the above situations.....but that doesn't mean that everything is wine and roses. We have been that couple that everyone thinks is "perfect". Wow, she buys him Playboy? Omigod, he takes her out for karaoke?
But we have also been that couple that makes people uncomfortable in a bar because you can just tell that we are gonna have one massive fight later at home.
Tonight I realized why I got married. Not why I got "married", by why I married who I did.
I've had a rough go of it lately, not gonna lie. Not where I want to be in life, trying to make it better...miss some of my girls desperately.
My husband decided not to take anymore of my self-defeating shit and told me how it is. Wasn't pretty, wasn't perfect, wasn't the couple you wanna be in a bar...but it was real, supportive,
You don't marry the person who looks perfect next to you in a bar. You don't marry the person who says what you wanna hear.
Hopefully, you marry the person who doesn't take your shit, who tells you like it is (no matter how much it fucking sucks) and you marry the person who does all of that out of love....and here's hoping that you can do the same for them...because then people are gonna look at you and say "Damn, I wanna be that couple."

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