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Holy Crap, I'm going shopping for a wedding dress!

I got engaged on November 28th, 2006. Over 2 months ago. And I am just starting to look at dresses. Oh now don't get me wrong, 3 years ago when I realized 'this was for reals' with my beau, I certainly started imagining, cutting out pictures in magazines, debating which colors my girls would look their very best in. But now it's a whole different ball game.

Did you know that you have to make appointments to shop for gowns? Oh yeah, you can't just stroll in, grab a dress that fancies ya, jump in the dressing room and have at it. Nope. You have to advance. Tell them when you're getting hitched and plan for like, 2 hours(!) in their store. You get a personal assistant to help and if you're lucky, I hear champagne. This shit is serious.

I, on the other hand, am not that serious. I decided a long time ago I was not going to be a "bridezilla". Some brides' main concern is where, others' when, some even get really bent outta shape about the dang flowers...that are going to die...really soon after the wedding!

Nope, not me. My main concern is getting my family and friends together for a big, fat, fabulous party. So when it come to my dress, the gown that my father will give me away in, I want comfort...and to not look fat. I love strapless gowns...on other women. I myself have breasts, breasts that need to be held up by something, and really who are we kidding with strapless bras. I refuse to run around my reception, drunk(cause I will be), trying to dance to "We are family", all the while yanking up my dress so the girls don't throw a party of their own.

I presently have two appointments made in honor of my mother coming to visit. I wanted to try on my first wedding dress with my mom, sentimental I know, but it's important.

I don't want a dress that costs a thousand dollars, I don't need a particular designer, and, at 30, I no longer need to look like a poofy princess. I just want something that will make me look like my most beautiful...and skinny....and relaxed.

I'll let you know how it goes;)

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