Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Gotta love that technology.

It's a lovely Sunday here in Annapolis. I haven't had Sundays off in about a year and a half so I am really enjoying them. Today I decided to go to the local Famer's Market. The husband's laid up, the dog has been I go for a hour to myself. I love this stuff! I love walking around, outside, enjoying the weather while abnormaly chipper people try to sell me their wares. It wasn't a very large farmer's market so I was done pretty quickly. With my bags in tow (I bought kale, corn, a cucumber and some pepper jelly) I head back to my car, which is parked a little ways away so I can get some exercise and enjoy more of the sun. I am approaching my car, head full of "green" thoughts, when the following scenario is played out before me.
A white minivan, mom, dad and two kids. It's one of those supercool minivans with the side door that can open automatically for people who need it to, you know, like, say, an expectant mother with a small child or grandpa who's chugging right along with his cane. Mom is the driver so her door is open, dad's shotgun door is also open so you know this van ain't locked. The kids (who are well into their awkward 'tween years) AND dad are yelling...yes whiney mom to open the side door. Now this minivan is really special, you see, there is in fact another door handle...on the outside of the car! But lo and behold all of a sudden, like magic, the side door begins to open all on it's own! Oh no wait, that's right, the bratty, perfectly healthy, lazy kids whined long enough at mom to get her to open the side door for them.
Betcha she can't wait for school to start again

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