Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's talk about sex...baby.

The thing about babies is that while it's lovely to think about making one, practice making one and actually making one, once you do, make one, you stop doing what made one in the first place.
Let's go back a bit.
There's this thing that happens to a pregnant woman. She's so hopped up on her own hormones that at some point she become insatiable and can't get enough boo-tay. This did not happen to me. I got pregnant and wanted nothing to do with sex...ever...again.
Now I am a fair woman. I took one for the team every once and a while for the hubs but for the most part that whole wanting it all the time thing passed right by me.
Fast forward to new mommy. My hormones were still all jacked up but we were inching closer and closer to the 6 week finish line.
Now you would think that after 6 weeks of no "brown chicken, brown cow" action that I would be a randy girl! You would be wrong.
Hormones aside, have you ever tried to have sex with a 6 week old baby in the house?
Let me give you an illustration...
A few kisses, clumsily moving to bedroom, a few more kisses, a pair of pants flying this way, a shirt, that way, now we're getting somewhere.....
You become masters of the "quickie".
As we move toward the 4 month mark, I am happy to say that when my husband and I are actually home (and awake) at the same time, our little girl is really good about sleeping just long enough. We are back into the flow of practicing making baby #2!
(Don't get excited...I said practicing!)

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