Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm in a Mommy state of mind.

In keeping with the "parenting" ideas, I decided to write about some of the decisions that I HAVE made for Evie Sue's life.
Now I'm not talking about her college major or who she'll marry if she decides to. I'm talking about things like will I allow her to get a tattoo(yes), a facebook account(only supervised) or a cellphone...dear lord what have I gotten myself into?
Okay, let's start with the cellphone. Does my child even need a cellphone before she hits double digits? Nope! And even then I'm just thinking for emergencies. Hmm..maybe not until she's driving...wait! Driving? Maybe that's when I should take it away....I'll get back to you on this one.
Now, about that tattoo. Yes, absolutely. But she's gonna have to work for it. And I don't mean just paying for it herself (which she will have to do) but I want research. If she is going to put something on her body that will last forever (as both Mommy and Daddy did)I wanna know where it's going and what the design means to her. And it better mean something, not just "cause it was pretty". It will be like a little project. Mommy and Me body art class!
Facebook account? Computer time in general will be closely monitored for safety but yes, at some point my tiny will want to join the world of social media...of course who knows what site will be the it thing then...and with supervision she will be allowed.
There are a couple of things that I decided a long time ago would NOT be my decision to make.
Religion-Which is why we did not have a baptism, that is her choice.
Pierced ears-Again, holes in her body? Her choice (and her money).
Things that I will "push" her ever so gently towards:
A realistic college degree-I.E. not Theatre.
A sport
An instrument-Yes, her voice counts.
I don't care when she starts playing with make up or whether she prefers mack trucks over Barbies. I don't care if she hates acting class and wants to join the Math club. TV? Hmmm...don't really care. I have a massive appreciation for the film industry and obviously there are some incredibly fun and educational shows out there for kids. I don't have a problem with her watching tv and sharing movie night with us. Heck, I may even use it to "babysit" (gasp) her while I make dinner.
I do know that she will have good manners and respect adults. I'm totally ok with teaching my child to say "Yes, M'am" and "Yes, Sir".
I've never been a terribly "girly-girl" so I actually can't wait to see what outfits she decides on when she starts picking them out herself.
As long as she is happy and well rounded.
Now let's talk about her name. Evie Sue. Yes, we call her by both.
Evie-pronounced like Adam and. Long "E".
Sue-Named for her beloved Grandmother who is no longer with us but would have loved her fiercely and unconditionally.
Once we knew she was a girl we knew we would honor Ty's mom by using her name. We wanted it as her middle name so now we just needed something that sounded good with Sue. Nothing too southern or sing songy. We went through all the books and vetoed each others choices. Then one day I was walking our dog and the name just came to me..."Eve? No...Evie...Hmmm....Evie Sue...." We both fell in love and from then on that's who she was.
So yes, both names are important to us and frankly, as pretentious as I always thought it was, her name was designed to go together. Therefore, Evie Sue. Now, will I, every once and a while, just call her Evie? Yep. If one day she comes to us and just wishes to be called Evie, will we respect that? Of course. But her name is Evie Sue.
I am well aware that she is just barely 3 months old (wow!) and that I can talk really big as she drools next to me full of smiles and baby poo. I have no idea how I will feel when she is 2 and screaming because I took away the remote. Or 16 and screaming because I took away the keys.
But man! It's a lot of fun to sit and dream for this little life I created.
And soon enough I'll get to do everything I can to help her achieve these or any other dreams her little heart desires.

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sara dani said...

Wait, a Theatre degree isn't realistic? I wish someone had told me that.