Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's gets better...

That's what EVERYONE tells you the first few weeks after your first baby is born.
And man, are they right!
Ty and I were reminiscing about those first 3-4 weeks after Evie Sue was born and how tired, frustrated, worn out, and tired we were. I knew what tired felt like or at least I thought I did until the one night she just wasn't feeling sleep. AT ALL. Oh and did I mention that she hadn't napped that day either? By 6am I was so tired I was actually dizzy. It was bad.
But we have finally gotten into a bit of a groove. At most she is getting up once per night to nurse. And a few times we've even made it through all night (10pm-7am).
I should really say SHE has made it.
I, on the other hand, tend to wake up at about 3am in full panic mode rushing in to the nursery to check her breathing.
We have even had a few playdates to break up our days. Days that, while yes she is sleeping so much better and is so fun to be with, still sometimes melt into each other. I still feel like I am doing the same load of laundry over and over and missing my husband every second he has to be gone.
But yes, it has gotten better. The breastfeeding, the sleep, her smiles and holding her head up and just being playful in general.
I now find that I can spare a half hour at bedtime to read a few chapters of a book because I'm not always worried about getting in a few minutes of shut eye before she wakes up again. She naps really well most days so I am able to actually take a shower without rushing.
Going out can still be a challenge but dammit we make it happen.
In about a week Evie Sue will get to meet her aunt and uncle from Chicago and we are taking her to her first minor league baseball game with the whole family.
Speaking of family, I feel like we are getting this "family" thing down. I am trying new recipes to have waiting for my hubs when he gets home. We love taking the Button to work and school events to show her off. And we are getting really pumped for our Vermont trip.
All in all, it has gotten better and I know it will continue to. For all of us. Baby steps (pun intended) towards more sleep, saying "hi", "Momma", and "Daddy" and settling into this crazy life of parenthood that we are so in love with.

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