Monday, January 5, 2009

And they're back!

I've been avoiding this post.
I didn't want to come back.
Don't get me wrong, but really I didn't.
We had an amazing trip to the mid-west for the holidays. We drove, yes drove, the 12 hours to Chicago, stayed a night with friends and headed out on the final leg to Minnesota.
We spent many a day with my niece and nephew, Moraya and Nathan, who are both getting so big and are so much fun. We partied a plenty with my parents and other friends and family. Christmas eve and day were nice and low key and we finished out the week with a couple of relaxing nights in the sauna and hottub.
Then we got to Chicago.
Oh Chicago.
(We're moving back, dammit)
We relaxed, drank, party hopped, drank, had an amazing (very expensive) dinner with friends, and played giant Jenga.
The best part of the Chicago trip?
Two moments come to mind.
#1-The first night we were there. We unpacked a little and then headed out to one of our old haunts. Nope, not the old haunt or the friends we saw there...but walking to the train. Just simply walking and talking with my husband. It felt so natural to us both.
#2- Pretty similar moment I must say. New Year's Day brunch. On a whim we decided to hit a local place for coffee, mimosas and green eggs and ham (yes they serve that...look it up "Kitsch'n" in Chicago). Again just simply having the freedom to get up and go. No warming up of vehicles, no worry about gas(the car's, not Ty's), not the slightest bit concerned about getting tipsy at 11am...we don't have to drive anywhere.
The drive back home was rough. We were tired, we had already spent 20-something hours in this car together, and we just wanted to be home.
Except maybe we didn't.....
(We're moving back dammit!)
Now I sit here, hopped up on Vicodin from my root canal this morning, thinking about our trip. It was good.
My root canal was not.

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