Wednesday, January 28, 2009

God we're pussies!

So...I wrote a very similar post to this almost a year ago and I still feel as if I have to comment on it. Two days ago it started lightly...and I mean lightly, snowing and I just knew. I had my Tuesday all planned out. I was to have the day to myself, the whole day. Ty would have school and then his his speech therapy group until 8 ish. There was coffee on the menu, blogging, MAJOR cleaning (no really, I was on a mission), a nap, and some crap t.v./reading depending on what crap was available. And then it snowed.
At first it was that really pretty, I'm not even sure it's actually snowing-snow that just sort of floats and hangs in the air. Then it was the sideways, not gonna touch the ground-snow....and finally as I was roused from sleep by my giddy husband, it was an official snowstorm and Ty would have an official snow day.
Instead of coffee, cleaning and crap our day consisted of, well, coffee, crap and cuddling by the fire. I guess it could've been worse.
As I have said before, we NEVER had snow days when I was little...NEVER. I'm from Minnesota and we don't mess around. We get up excessively early to warm up our cars to drive through the streets that have been plowed and salted for hours already. So I usually just laugh at situations like this. Fast forward to this morning. I am already certain that Ty will have another snow day (which he does) and that I will have to go to work..which I did...sort of. I got up, walked the dog, and warmed up my car. I knew this was gonna be difficult. Our entire neighborhood is covered in ice and because it is a private neighborhood the snow plows and salt trucks had not been through. I suck it up, text my coworker that I may be a little late, and get on the road. Well I was not a block from my house when the wheels start spinning and I begin to slide back down the tiny hill I was trying to get up. Long story short, I finally get through to Ty after 4 tries (!) and while he came to help me move my car to the side of the road I get the call that my morning shift is canceled....gee, thanks!
Once again, I guess it could be worse. I went back to bed and woke up to Ty making breakfast. Now I sit here waiting to hear if I will have to go in tonight while my adorable husband sits in his p.j.'s happily watching Man vs Food. God I love him!

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