Friday, December 26, 2008

So, picture this scenario. You randomly stumble upon your husband's high school girlfriend online. You start nosing around (cause that's what the internet is for), you check out pictures, read some blogs and one day, maybe fate intervenes, you actually start emailing her. Maybe you comment on her blog, maybe she comments on yours, maybe you i.m. here and there. And then maybe one day, you find out that she is coming home for a little holiday visit. What might you do?
Well if your name is Jill and your married to my high school boyfriend you would end up being beyond cool, incredibly hospitable and downright hilarious. Really.
We had beer, cookies, uber-strong vodka cranberries, and were introduced to Wii.
We're also a little sad that we have so many people to see and can't hook up with them again this trip.
So thank you again to the Dian's for helping turn what could have been a weird, awkward situation into one of the highlights of our trip.
And speaking of which...I swear to God that we are trying to see everyone, we are!


Kristi said...

Hope the rest of your trip is great!

Jilly said...

Glad you guys had fun. Wish we could've come out last night ... way to dangle it in our faces! :)
Make sure you call us next time!