Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can we talk about Idol please?

Apparently it is the day of blogs for me.
Anyhoo, Idol. Oh Idol, Idol, Idol. Can we PLEASE stop with the human interest stories? Really.
Don't get me wrong. I appreciate people who have had major loss in their life whether that be loss of a sense, a parent, freedom or just plain innocence.
But come on! That doesn't mean that they are good singers. That also doesn't mean that you should pimp them out for the last 20 minutes of your show for ratings sake.
And here's what really, really bugs me about it all. It breaks the "fourth wall" so to speak. It takes us all out of the "audition" and makes us, as an audience, well aware that this is a very well planned, well edited television show. I once had a friend who auditioned for a reality show. She was standing in line to audition for said reality show and one of the cameras was shoved in her face. "Hey! Pretend that a judge just said something really mean to you. What's your reaction?" She was stunned. Not only had she not met the judges, but she was still in line...she hadn't even gotten in the door yet, much less been insulted by the judges.
And another thing. I hate to say it but dammit, whatever happened to good old fashioned talent, huh?
Who cares what hardships you've been through...talent is talent. I wear a fucking brace on my leg, I have no ankle motion in my left leg, I have ALWAYS wanted to sing and dance on Broadway......does this mean they should cast me in 42nd Street??? Fuck no. But I was perfect for "Little Becky Two Shoes" in Urinetown.
So please American Idol, can we stop feeling bad for people? It wastes you time, their time and most importantly MY time.

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