Monday, July 16, 2012

7 Month Itch.

Just when this seemed like the longest month ever, here we are. 7 months. So what, you may ask, is going on in my darling daughter's life? Here's some highlights.

Food: We have been doing cereal for over a month now and adding fruits and veggies here and there. Success'-Green Beans, Peas, Avocado and Carrots. Failures-Applesauce, Bananas. We have also started exploring more "solid" solids like Gerber puffs (she really enjoys scraping her teeth on these) and even a little whipped cream...which she loved! For the most part though, she is still on the Mommy tap.

Developmentally: She is sitting up pretty much on her own now. She can hold and turn pages in books. She is pretty possessive of her paci. She loves to bounce...all the time. She bounces in her activity chair, in my lap, while in my arms and just today, while sitting on the floor. She also has figured out how to spin herself around in her chair (which another Dad told me is a pretty big, ok).
She is beginning to express what she likes and doesn't like. She is not a fan of her vitamin drops...AT ALL. She literally whacks my hand out of her face when she sees it coming.
She is not crawling yet but she has figured out how to get where she wants by rolling and sort of "snaking" her way there.
Evie Sue even went in a pool for the first time!

Personality: My sweet little angel is starting to show off her sassy side. Putting her down for naps and bedtime has become a bit trying. She loves hanging out with us, especially Daddy, and sometimes she just doesn't want it to end. She also likes to freak out to the point where I take her out of sleep position(either cradled in my arms or lying across my chest, head on shoulder like she's hugging me) and once she's up she gives me a huge smile, starts to bounce and play with her paci...

But she is happy. She smiles all the time. She is inquisitive and joyful.'s Mommy?
I'm ok. This is an interesting time. Button is getting bigger everyday and just as wiggly! But she stills needs to be held. I can't just plop her down on the floor with her toys. It can be frustrating. I do crave alone time. And yes, I do get it sometimes. When she does finally go down for naps they tend to be at least an hour (if not 3!) so I am able to clean...exactly...clean. I know that I should take time to just read or have another cup of coffee but I can always find something to do! I guess I'm officially a mom, huh?
It can still be a bit lonely here and there as well. Ty's schedule is still a bit erratic since his promotion (he is now management team for Trader Joe's! More $, less hours and two days off a a row!). But there are some nights when he needs to go to sleep pretty early, like tonight, so I end up still putting the Button to bed or walking the dog alone. It's rough, but who's life isn't huh?

7 months of parenthood!

Sick of it yet? Not even close! In the upcoming months we are venturing into traveling with Evie Sue. She will meet a ton of cousins and some great aunts and uncles in Vermont in August. In September (fingers crossed) we hope to make the trip to Minnesota. Evie Sue has some pretty darn important family members there that she has never met!
I love our adventures,even if it's just to a birthday party or a bbq. I love watching her explore and discover. I love everything about my little Button. I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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