Thursday, June 28, 2012

Power, schmower!

There are certain things that I consider luxuries that others may not. Sitting in a coffee shop, latte in one hand, book in another. To me, that sounds luxurious. First day that's warm enough to have that drink on a bar patio during happy hour...luxurious! A trip to Target only for things I want...not need. Oh the luxury! You know what I don't necessarily consider a luxury?(although i should!) Electricity. Power. Lights in my apartment. My coffee maker working! Yesterday we lost power for oh, just practically the entire day! AND it was due to a tree down which meant we also couldn't get out of our neighborhood (don't even get me started about that!). It was my husband's "Saturday" so he was bummed as he had planned a special breakfast for us. Now this has happened before and frankly I'm ok with no tv and since it was a beautiful day, didn't mind no lights or air conditioning. But dammit I hadn't had coffee. And I was hungry. For something other than yogurt and pretzels or something else that didn't require cooking. You might say this set of circumstances put me "in a mood". My husband, on the other hand, got crafty. He ran downstairs to my landlords and asked if he could borrow their grill and proceeded to make one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. He even made coffee! Yep! What you see is grilled steak, eggs baked on the grill, seasoned potatoes wrapped in foil with onions and coffee (water boiled on grill and poured thru filter). It was a badass breakfast! The rest of our day consisted of a free outdoor concert and snuggling in bed with Total Recall. All in all a pretty nice day.

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