Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fifty Shades of Crap!

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Do not read this if you have not read the book yet!
Ok! I gave in. I got on the wait list at the library (because I don't buy books unless I LOVE them) and decided to give it a go. I guess I'm sort of a "housewife", "stay at home mom", what have you, so I thought I would do something house wifey and read some porn.
What I got was just a badly written book.
Let's start with the obvious. I fully agree with my friend Jill on this. If you are British but choose to set your book in America...DO NOT use clearly British slang for god's sake!
Next, please, for crying out loud, know when enough is enough. If Anastasia "bit her lip" or "held someone at arm's length" or her frickin "scalp prickled" one more time I was gonna spank the bitch! I get the idea. Christian gets turned on by the lip thing. But every other page....really?
Now for the "porn" aspect. Have you ever read Moby Dick? You don't see the whale until over halfway through the book! Yes, we need a bit of a lead up, foreplay, you might say. But to have the first sex scene not happen until almost page 100. Come on! We all got the book for one reason and we have to sit through 90 something pages before we got to it.
Oh, E.L. James. You're a woman. So giving me a fucking break! Real porn is already unrealistic enough for the boys. But to have our innocent heroine come from nipple play? And then continue to come again and again from either plain old intercourse or just smacking at her with some leather? Really? Now you should know better dammit!
And frankly, they weren't even that hot! And they only lasted about a page each. And they only went into the Red Room of Pain twice! Ugh...
I didn't care about the characters...AT ALL. In fact, I was pissed at Anastasia for continually putting up with Christian's shit. He's a dick! Oh whaa! So he had some hard childhood. Nobody cares! Where's the dirty sex?
Yes, I realize it's not supposed to a "great" book and yes, it's supposed to be about the sex and not necessarily the storyline...well both sucked...and not in a good way!
I will not be wasting my time with the sequels.
And p.s. If you're going to make sure and point out every time he puts on a condom you cannot write "and he emptied himself into me". Because he didn't. He emptied himself INTO THE CONDOM! (idiot).


Monica said...

You're awesome. And I completely agree. That is all.

Jilly said...

I stupidly read the second book too and was pissed at myself the whole time. I have a thing about needing closure but not for this. The third book will forever be a mystery to me and I'm all good with that!

Jessica said...

If you want sexy hot read that also has a decent story line, try anne rices sleeping beauty trilogy. You will have to purchase as I have never seen it at any library.