Sunday, June 3, 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

I'm a little emotional right now. We just took a huge step with Evie Sue (yes, WE...big step for Mommy too). The Button just had her first meal of "solids"! Yep, that's right, I bit the bullet. Yesterday while shopping at Target, I purchased my darling girl's first taste of solid food. Now if you read this blog you know that I had struggled with this. Which brand, what kind, do I really need to do rice cereal, should I let her decide, what does my pediatrician say, what do the ladies on my breastfeeding board say, what do my friends say......ahhhh! My friends said Gerber, my pedi said rice cereal whenever, the board ladies said nothing but breast milk until 6 months and then do fruit or wait and let her decide. I decided to try and split the difference as much as I could. She is 2 weeks away from 6 months so I figured we'd just go for it, today! I bought Gerber Organic Brown Rice Cereal (give my crunchy side some peace of mind) we thinned it significantly with breast milk, put a bib on Evie Sue and went to town! She did awesome. The second she saw that spoon she knew it was go time. She was so excited to "help" by pulling the spoon towards her mouth and at one point even tried to tip the whole bowl in her mouth. She swallowed everything we gave her and yes finally got so excited she knocked almost the entire bowl over onto the floor!(thankfully we were pretty much done anyway). I planned it for today so Daddy could be a part of it and help. I think he had as much fun as Evie Sue. One of the best parts? Right as we started I Skyped my mom. Grandma and Grandpa got to see Evie Sue chowing down! Now yes, it was little more than grainy breast milk but it was huge! Button had food...real a few weeks we may try a banana! For now she will continue to nurse (my next short term goal is 9 months) and have one "meal" of cereal a day but I can already see how much she, and we, are going to enjoy this!

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linda said...

That was so fun being able to sort be in on that! You guys are doing GREAT! Love ya!