Thursday, July 21, 2011

So, how is your pregnancy going?

I realize that I haven't revealed to you, oh reader, a whole lot about this pregnancy(considering I just let it slip that I am in fact, knocked up!). So in honor of being halfway through...this Sunday is 20 weeks! is the start of my "Here Is How My Pregnancy Is Going" series.
Uuumm...yeah. So that first week of being preggers kinda sucked....only kind of though! Now keep in mind, I was roughly 5-6 weeks along, it was a bit of a surprise and we were about to go on a road trip to and through parts of North Carolina that are not exactly "flat" and my ass already gets
Long week short, I was only truly miserable for one day after a very large breakfast of pancakes and bacon (for the record, I have never really been a fan of pancakes and I suspect the baby was messing with me). We told the very minimum of people that we needed to at the time and I became my husband's favorite designated driver.
As we've moved forward I've begun to live my life in "weeks" with a copy of "What to Expect.." next to the bed at all times (thank you Janelle). I have not gotten sick since the unfortunate pancake incident and only really had mild nausea through my first trimester.
I also got lucky in another sense. Somehow I lost weight before I figured out that I was pregnant. Again, keep in mind, I do not own a scale and maybe weigh myself once every other month, maybe. So when I went into the Dr. and they weighed me I told them their scale was wrong! Anyhoo, I suspect it to be a combination of my job (pretty physical), not eating a whole lot on that N. Carolina trip and frankly, cutting out the booze....really, that was a shit load of empty calories that are no longer a part of my diet. One of my docs recently expressed concern over the fact that I have not gained any weight yet. I promised her that I eat and offered to send her a weekly menu which includes pizza, homemade milkshakes, and veggie stuffed sweet potatoes (my fave!). I am a tiny bit convinced that I am actually housing a tapeworm! I've added calories to my diet and I am not terribly concerned, besides my mom has assured me that it will catch up with me...thanks mom.
As I move forward in my second trimester there certainly have been ups and downs to the whole pregnancy experience but that is for another blog...maybe tomorrow!
Do I love being pregnant? I don't know. It's strange and familiar all at the same time. It's amazing how quickly your life, body and mind can adapt to such a huge change. I am getting more and more anxious to meet and hug this little person who is growing in me.
Next time I will write more about those ups and downs. For now, know that as I type I have been consuming a huge breakfast of a bagel topped with cream cheese, tomatoes and avocado and a bowl of fresh strawberries and bananas with cinnamon and am planning a lunch of a sweet potato stuffed with sauteed spinach and other veggies...suck it doc!

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