Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh the times...they are a-changin'

Let's review, shall we?
My last post, March 31st. I was going on and on about playing this dream role of the Baker's Wife in Into the Woods, a character who desperately wants a child and is doing everything she can to make that happen throughout the first act.
I should have taken that as my first warning.
Now let's talk about the AMAZING director of that show. Her name is Jenny and I love her. She has directed me in three shows and I would work with her again, in any capacity, in a heartbeat. But more importantly (for blog purposes) her shows have this "knack" for producing...well...knocked up women. Every show I have done with her SOMEONE has gotten pregnant during the rehearsals/run of the show. flag! Warning! Danger!
I should have walked away...I should have ran.
I should have known.
Fast forward to mid April. The show has closed and Ty and I are about to go on a roadtrip to Asheville N. Carolina for Spring Break. Do you know how many breweries are in/near Asheville?
But I digress...
I was not feeling well in all the suspicious ways so after a beer with coworkers I swing by Target and our lives change forever!
I was/am pregnant!
I cried...a lot. Not because I was unhappy but for crying out loud, it's a shocker! Especially if you are not even trying.
Now don't get me wrong, we know how it happened...and yes kids, it only takes once.
We continued with our out of town plans if only to be able to wrap our brains around this outside of our everyday lives and came back with an understanding of the changes we needed to make in our lives.
And the funny thing is that things just started happening.
Ty got an assistant teaching position at a school he had been interested in for years that just happens to be less than 20 minutes away (as opposed to his previous position where an hour and a half was a "good" commute).
We made decisions and changes. We were honest with each other about our fears and excitement.
So here we are. I've been pretty lucky all around. I feel great, I have a wonderful and supportive husband who is going to be the best dad! And despite all of the scary, unknown, stressful things that are to come, I couldn't be more excited about our sweet, beautiful daughter that continues to grow inside of me.
Oh yeah, it's a girl!

(At least they're 90% sure, so stay tuned...)

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Kristi said...

Congrats Sara, that is very exciting news!!! I have yet to take the plunge into parenthood myself but I have really been thinking more about it lately :)