Saturday, February 7, 2009


I was gonna write a blog about how I prefer to workout to showtunes as opposed to heart thumping, bass filled, remixed pop music ( I find it to be more intense and the stakes higher so I push myself further)...but no. I cannot ignore what is happening in the world today. The babies dear god, the babies.
So the whole world is pissed off at Nadya Suleman, again, if you are under a rock this woman had 6 kids, no job, receiving disability payments and decided it was a good idea to have she claims...but what actually happened is that she had 8....8! EIGHT more. Now I was a theatre major but even I can do that math. That's 14 fucking kids people.
Irresponsible? Yep
Selfish? Oh hells yeah
A new development in this world and therefore she should be subjected to a verbal lashing from judgemental jerks all over who think they know better?????
I don't agree with her choices. She makes me happy that I have waited to have kids. She pisses me off as a taxpayer.
But here is my question.
How is she different from Kate Gosselin or Michele Duggar?
What do you mean Sara? Who are these folks that you chat about?
Well Kate is the "Kate" in John and Kate plus 8, and Michele is the mother figure in "17 Kids and Counting"...both reality shows that follow the laughter, tears and hi-jinx's of having multiple children.
John and Kate had a perfectly healthy set of twins...but wanted more. So they tried for ONE more...and got 6. Ooops. So what did they do? They parlayed their "oops" into reality gold and can now pay for the home that houses the 8 people they have brought into this already overpopulated world...all while keeping the rest of us glued to our tv's.
And don't even get me started on this Duggar woman. 18 kids? Really? No oops here folks...they just decided to let God determine how many kids they would have. Yeeeeahhhhh....uuummmm...ok.
So why is it ok for them but this Suleman lady gets all of us riled up? Is it because these other women are married? Is it because they have built in babysitters and surrogate parents in their other children? Is it because they have a shitload of money from exploiting their exploding uterus'?
I don't think there is much of a difference here folks. They're still being irresponsible, they're still being selfish.
Kate and Michelle just happened to know somebody in show business.