Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture this: You're late for work. Not really late but just late enough where you know you're gonna get behind the school bus at the end of the block and hit every red light on your way...that kind of late. Oh, and, you're just not moving as fast as usual cause your brilliant ass attempted two 45-minute classes at the gym yesterday.
Anyways, so there you stand, furiously making half a PB&J sandwich for breakfast, when you hear it. The ringtone. Not a, that one ringtone that you have reserved for that oh so special person in your life.
My husband's ringtone in my phone is "Good Old Fashioned Loverboy" by Queen.....which is kind of annoying at 7:15 in the morning when I'm running late, sore and haven't had nearly enough caffeine to function. But I gotta pick it up god forbid it's something remotely important. I run into the bedroom (ouch my knee), leap across the bed (ooohh my back) and grab the phone...."Yeah?" I say more than a little irritated...
"Oooh oo oo oooh oo oo I Wanna Sex You Up"
Now I will fully admit that at times I have incredibly bad taste in music (see post below). And I'm not gonna lie, I know more than one song by Color Me Badd but what made me smile on this Friday morning, day before Valentine's Day, while running late and irritable was that my husband, the man I have chosen to spend a really frickin' long time with (ya know, the rest of my life) thought of me when this piece of crap, buried in the 90's song came on the radio. That he sat there in traffic, did not turn the station but in fact, reached deep into that crazy photographic memory that he has and called his wife and sang every word of one of the worst, completely unsexy songs of our generation.
If I haven't said it enough before I will say it again....god I love him!

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Anonymous said...

I love that song with nary a hint of irony.