Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Week Notice

I really had some high hopes(and expectations)for the end of this here journey. You know, I thought, I've been pretty active this entire pregnancy and pretty damn comfy, I'll feel that way until labor right? Not to mention the fact that I am in complete denial that I actually have to give birth and am still convinced I will wake up in two weeks with a flat tummy and a cute baby!
Cause that's when I am due folks...TWO FRICKIN WEEKS!
Now, I realize that this is a guesstimate and I could certainly go earlier or later but still...
And yes, I am really starting to get uncomfortable. My pelvic muscles are killing me, I am officially a waddler and I am pretty sure I am having false labor as I type.
Don't get me wrong. I am still doing pretty well considering. Considering I am due to squeeze a child out of my hoo-hah exactly 2 weeks from today!
But seriously, I only gained about 20 pounds so I really just started having any sort of back pain and I am still working and walking the dog dammit!
That said, if I am on my feet for too long I am stuck in my recliner for the rest of the night. That whole shifting in the middle of the night from side to side? Only gotten worse. And man, Baby is getting big! She can simultaneously kick me in the ribs and punch me in the cervix...and that can suck, let me tell you!
So I will rest, as I don't have much time left to do that. I will relish my alone time and I will tell my husband how much I love him as much as I can.
Here we go kids...hopefully the next time I post it will be a picture of my gorgeous little girl!


linda said...

Ill be there 2 weeks from today! YAY!

Kristi said...

Good luck with everything, I hope you have an easy birth and all goes well