Monday, November 7, 2011

5 weeks to go...maybe...

I say maybe because we have no idea when Baby Girl Cobb will decide to make her grand entrance into the world. She might feel cramped (I do) and decide she wants out early. Or maybe she is perfectly happy where she is (she seems like it) and will be fashionably late. Either way, we cannot wait!
Does that mean we are completely and totally ready?...HA!
Here's the thing. She will be in our room for a little bit so I was not too terribly concerned with the nursery, until last night.
We woke up Sunday morning after a wonderful day in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of D.C. We ate burgers, walked through the food building and outdoor flea and farmers markets that are part of the famed Eastern Market, stopped in a used bookstore (one of Ty's favorite things to do) and sat in an Irish bar so my amazing hubby could have a couple of beers. We finished our lovely day with a fire, movie and pizza in the comfort of our apartment.
So again, here we are on Sunday. I decided to try and relax for a few minutes in the morning before running errands and sending Ty off to work. I took a short nap and then decided that I needed to rearrange the bookshelves in the nursery, ya know, baby steps. 3 hours later I was on a roll, a mission, nesting had taken over. Really! There was nothing I could do. I was compelled to finish whatever it was I was doing. The problem? I needed the computer desk along with the old computer out of there. The other problem? Not only should I not lift any of that at 8 months preggers, I literally couldn't!
So there I sat with nesting blue balls. I just stood there for what seems like an hour, staring. I needed to get this done. Everything in my body NEEDED to get this done. And I couldn't...without help.
I finally gave up. I made some cinnamon toast and hot apple cider, grabbed one of my baby girl's blankets and cuddled up to watch some t.v.
At 10:30 when Ty got home from work what do you think he did? Well he has been amazing through this whole pregnancy so I knew I could count on him. Sure enough he moved all the heavy stuff out of the nursery for me and this morning I woke up bright and early to continue my mission.
It's not done, it's not perfect but I am happy with the progress and not as concerned as I was last night. Again, she's gonna hang with us for a few weeks at least in her sweet little bassinet and then we will start moving her into her own little room.
AND back to our Saturday...mommy and daddy got to have a wonderful day out doing stuff we love to do!
Whether we are ready or not she is on her way.
I think we're ready!

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Kristi said...

"Nesting Blue Balls" LMAO!!!!!!!