Monday, August 29, 2011

Maternity clothing. Necessary evil? Or big, fat(hehe) waste of money?

That is my question today folks. I know my vote.
Big, fat (pun absolutely intended) waste of money.
Does this mean I will not purchase maternity clothes? That I believe myself to be as big as I will get during this pregnancy? That I will miraculously return to my former figure immediately after giving birth? That I will choose to not have more children, rendering my purchased maternity clothing useless after 6 months-ish of wear?
I just don't feel the need to rush out and buy a bunch of expensive clothing that I may or may not use again. I will admit that I have gotten lucky in the timing of all of this. The majority of my pregnancy has been spent in the summertime which means flowy dresses and tank tops. I also have a job that requires me to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. I have purchased a couple of pairs of leggings for $5 a pop at Target to try and get me through the fall, as well as a "tummy sleeve".
I also got lucky in the sense that I lost some weight right before I found out I was pregnant and at 6 months I finally have my beloved baby bump.
Yes, I am aware that I will get bigger, much bigger as my little sea monkey continues to grow and yes, my pants in general are having a really hard time closing, if at all, these days. But dammit, I will hold out. I will wear my leggings and sweaters, dresses and tights, stretchy pants and tummy sleeve as long as I can!
Unless of course I find a really cute, button down, belted maternity top in a fabulous fall color. Then all bets are off.

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