Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tis the season.

Starbucks Red Cups. Aaaahh... Now I know the holidays are here. I can put up my tree and I don't have to fight my year round pumpkin spice addiction.
My husband hates Starbucks, he hates everything it represents. I have tried to join him for many reasons. Money, the price keeps going up and I swear their cups get smaller. There are a lot of local coffee shops that I would prefer to support. you know how much a frickin latte is?
But the moment I spot the red cups I am taken in, to another time and place. Really, don't laugh.
For some reason I am standing outside a Chicago church waiting to get in for rehearsal, drinking a Gingerbread a red cup.
While I hate the corporate scheme-yness, I can't help but admit that I am suckered in every year. To me, those red cups are a celebration. It's a small pleasure that helps remind me that my favorite time of year is just around the corner.
While I will admit that I am bit disappointed in this year's red/white snowy scene (there's a little too much white for me) I still walk in on my once a week trips (I try and keep it to a minimum if I can help it) and spot those red cups and my head starts swimming. How many days til Thanksgiving? Christmas? 2011 is gonna rock.

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Jilly said...

OK, this may sound lame and super cheap but Maxwell House makes the yummiest coffee. You know that powder stuff in the little tins? They have all kinds of holiday flavors for lattes. If it's the red cup that makes the difference just get an extra or two next time you go to Starbucks. Yes, I know, I'm a dork. A cheap, cheap dork.