Monday, November 24, 2008

One year about this time in the evening...I was getting married.
We went out Saturday night to celebrate. It was lovely. We got all dressed up, made reservations, had before dinner drinks, got a nice surprise when we walked into the restaurant (my parents had called ahead and put some $ towards a bottle of wine!) and in general had a great night.
The wine was phenomenal, food fantastic and it was truly a romantic evening. And we needed that. Not that we're not a romantic couple but we don't go out like we used to so this was really a nice treat.
One year. One whole year of marriage. I feel like it was yesterday...really. Has it been the easiest year? Nope. Has it been the best year of my life? Now that's unrealistic. But you know what... Through all of the changes, tears, laughter, joys and struggles over the past year I've had a partner. I've had a teammate. I've had the love of my life right by my side to hold my hand, wipe the tears away and point out the silver lining.
And that makes it one awesome year...can't wait to see what the next one brings.

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Kristi said...

Happy Anniversary Sara!