Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hey guys...I think we're getting old.

So...a lot of things lately have made me feel old. Not necessarily in a bad way...just older.
For example, yesterday a co worker of mine reminded me of the Challenger anniversary and explained how shocked she was when she watched footage because you see, she wasn't alive when it happened. I then, had to explain that I watched it too...the real thing, when it was happening...cause I was 9.
Aaaannnnd then there are my friends who are turning 30 and how it's such a big milestone and how they are not looking forward to it.
I get it. It is a milestone for sure!...that I passed...4 years ago.(dear god I'm almost 35!)
But really it's the daily things. It's driving home and listening to talk radio or classical music.
It's standing in the grocery store and putting prunes into my cart (not because I need them but because apparently they are good for you).
It's reading the backs of food items trying to calculate the saturated fat and the cholesterol.
It's being ok with a very quiet weekend at home with coffee and a good book.

I'm not saying that these things make you "old" or that we don't whoop it up...oh, we whoop! It's just little changes in habits that make me feel...what? Mature? Grown up? I don't know.
I have been saying that this is our year. 2011, baby! I will be more organized, more positive and I will make the things I want to happen happen!
But to do all those have to grow up a little. Which kinda sucks.
The fact that I am a mere 390 ish days away from my mid thirties is scary, not gonna lie. At this age you have to start talking about scary things and start making scary decisions not the least of which is how to get more fiber and less saturated fat in your diet!
I'm not at senior citizen status yet (although the discounts would be nice) but I am also not 22 anymore (thank god!).
I am stuck somewhere in between. And somewhere in between has car payments and prunes and Cheerios. But it also has incredible relationships, hard work (in that good way) and a bizarre feeling of understanding that I have a lot more to learn.