Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

My goodness it has been awhile! And here's why.

In the past 5 months I have directed 3 shows (all High School Musical for elementary schools, I am in the middle of the third and FINAL!), worked two jobs (one in Annapolis and the other, in and around Columbia) and I have been in 3 shows myself (currently in the middle of a Pippi Longstocking run). Whew!
So, not only have I been feeling like a neglectful wife and doggie mom but I have also run myself into the ground a little...I mean, for God's sake, my castmates went out for sushi last night and I declined, thrilled by the fact that I might actually make it home before 9:30!
Why Sara? Why would you do all of this....especially the 3 shows that are voluntary...the ones that you DON'T get paid for?
I love it. I am finally in a place where I really, really like my job(s). Now I am nowhere close to having my life figured out BUT...I get to sing, teach kids about theatre, sing, get a bit of a workout on a daily basis and go to sing!
I am also learning to say no...sometimes. I declined the delicious sushi for a couple of late night hours with my husband and dog. Of course last weekend after an audition in Washington D.C. I was tempted by, and gave into, a night in Georgetown with one of my best boys!
So life is good.
Oh and if you are anywhere near the Columbia, Maryland area in the next few months come see me in Pippi Longstocking (this weekend only!) and as Rona Lisa Perretti in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (opening mid April!).

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